Kitten Rescued from Dishwasher, Adopted by Firefighter

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(Kitten Inn/Facebook)

A kitten got her head jammed in a dishwasher and things got pretty tense before three firefighters showed up and freed her.

The drama was captured in a post on the Facebook page for the Kitten Inn, an animal care facility in Lower Hutt, New Zealand. “Hubby opened dish drawer and one of the kittens got up underneath and managed to get her head jammed in between the plastic of the drawer inner and the metal of the outside – meaning she couldn’t move forward or back without seemingly getting crushed or strangled,” the kitten care facility said.

“If I can paint the picture – kitten screaming, other kittens crying in response, me on the floor desperately trying to work out what happened and how best to assist. Us desperately looking for ways to dismantle said drawer or even break it to get her out. Us doing the rounds of ‘who do we call?’ Electrician? Fisher and Pykel? Meanwhile I have one hand under kitten and other pushing the drawer to give her as much as possible breathing room and she starts purring and I know this means she is going into shock – not good!


(Kitten Inn/Facebook)

Finally, “Three lovely firemen came around, and they got on their knees and did some magical fireman thing and out she popped.” Whew! The kitten was dazed but unhurt, and now one of the firefighters plans to adopt a pair of kittens for his children.

While we were visiting the Kitten Inn page, we saw these really cute babies and decided to share this as well.

(Kitten Inn/Facebook)

And here’s another. We hope they all get the forever homes they deserve.

(Kitten Inn/Facebook)

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