Kitten rescued by firefighters gets the perfect home

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Susan Willis with her newly adopted kitten.


A feel-good kitten rescue story has come full circle to a very happy ending with the kitten’s adoption into the perfect home.

The kitten was rescued from inside the undercarriage of a car by Henrico County, Virginia firefighters on Tuesday, July 14. Afterward, one of the firefighters was all smiles as he posed with the kitten his crew had just rescued.

The firefighters were asked to help by a motorist when she realized a kitty had become trapped in the suspension of her car.

The kitten, called Axil, was determined to be about 8 weeks old and was taken to the Henrico County Animal Shelter, with the understanding he would be be available for adoption by July 23. When the endearing photo of the firefighter holding Axil was shared by local news outlets and on social media, the shelter received a large number of offers to adopt the kitten.

The shelter did not have a difficult time choosing Axil’s adopter, though, when a woman with a special connection to the rescuers came forward.

Henrico Fire & EMS said a woman adopted the kitten early last Thursday morning, after revealing the special connection she has to the firefighters who rescued the little fellow.

Susan Willis says she knew she had to adopt the kitten as soon as she saw the story at WWBT Channel 12 News.

Five months ago, Susan tried to rush her husband to the hospital when he suffered a heart attack. Realizing she was unable to make good time and that the situation was dire, she diverted to Henrico Fire Station #7 where the firehouse’s EMTs tried to revive him.

Susan’s husband later died, despite all efforts to save him.

It turns out that before her husband’s passing, he and Susan had discussed getting a cat. When she saw that the same firefighters who tried to save her husband rescued the kitten, she felt she had to adopt him.

Axil’s name has undergone a slight change; now he is Axl Rose.

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