Kitten rescued by firefighter finds a home

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Rescuer Brandon Boettcher with Lucky


A kitten who was a firefighter’s first ‘save’ after being rescued from a sewer last week went home to her new family today.

On Wednesday, December 3, probationary firefighter Brandon Boettcher with the Village of Caledonia, Wisconsin Police Department got his first save: a 4-month-old kitten who was trapped in a sewer. The Caledonia Police Department fist took the call, then turned it over to the fire department.

Firefighters responded to the scene near the local Pick ‘n Save, and lifted a manhole cover to get the little girl to safety. The kitten purred away in gratitude the entire time. “She was really cold when we got her out and she just clung to my coat,” said Brandon. Thankfully, she suffered no injuries and was brought to the Wisconsin Humane Society Racine Campus where she got her name: Lucky.

WHS had to keep Lucky on a 7 day stray hold, in case a family came looking for her, and was able to put her up for adoption today.  A woman was waiting at the door at 8 a.m. this morning to make sure she’d be first in line for Lucky when the shelter opened at 2pm. She told staff her two sons never agree on anything, but they mutually decided Lucky was the cat for them.

Ellen Crum and her children saw the post saying Lucky was about to be put up for adoption and all of them wanted to give the 4 month old kitten a home.

“My kids and I saw it and just fell in love with her,” said Ellen. “There was just something about her eyes.”

“My kids at 6:30 were like, ‘What are you doing? Why aren’t you there?’ ” Ellen said.

The children have reportedly wanted a pet for quite some time.

WHS wrote today at Facebook, saying:  “It’s stories like these that remind us of the many incredible people we have for neighbors. We are so lucky to serve Wisconsin and help facilitate adoptions like these each day. We wish Lucky, Ellen, and the rest of the family the best of luck and are so grateful to them for welcoming her into their home!

“To the Caledonia Police Department, Brandon, and the rest of the firefighters who helped in the rescue: we simply can’t thank you enough for helping little Lucky and for saving yet another life!”

“It made our hearts swell when we learned of this compassionate rescue. We are so grateful to Brandon and the whole fire department, and it’s just so cool that this one act of kindness will also impact the family who adopts Lucky,” said Alison Kleibor, WHS director of animal sheltering.



Ellen Crum with Lucky




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