Kitten Pulled Up To Safety With Trolley Man’s Makeshift Elevator

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Fun Time Trolley marketing director Jim Bishop came to the rescue with a clever solution yesterday when Pigeon Forge TN firefighters could not get a kitten to climb a sheet to get out from the deep base of a light post where she had been trapped for 9 days. Jim is nursing the kitten back to good form now.

A maintenance worker actually saw the kitten, now named Precious, crawl into an opening at the base of a light pole on August, 9 without thinking anything of it until 9 days later when he heard the kitten still inside the pole. Firefighters made an effort to help the kitten climb out but it took Jim Bishops’ creative thinking to rescue her. He thought of South American mining operations and borrowed the basic principle used in the design of mine elevators to craft a sling of sorts to pull Precious to Safety. The avowed animal lover is caring for Precious until she is ready to go to a good home. She has been to a vet and just needs some TLC.

11 thoughts on “Kitten Pulled Up To Safety With Trolley Man’s Makeshift Elevator”

  1. Good job Jim the trolley man! What a cute kitten she was lucky that Jim came up with the plan. I hope that she gets a good home.

  2. Thank you Jim!!! Stories like this one make me happy and grateful for caring people like you 🙂

  3. cats are dangerous to themselves! thank you Jim! you are great what a lovely little tortoiseshell!

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