Kitten Makes Miraculous Recovery

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Mouth to mouth resuscitation and acupuncture are credited with helping to save the life of a kitten who accidentally went through the wash cycle. The kitten’s will to live also played a part.

The morning show hosts covering the story in this video report make light of the matter, but Louie was dangerously impacted by her accidental trip through the washing machine several days ago.

Petmom Kate gave the kitten mouth to mouth to try to revive her after she was found in the load of washing, then brought her to Tewantin Veterinary Surgery, in Tewantin, Queensland, Australia, where she was seen by Dr. Kaori Kim.


Dr Kim found that Louie’s gums, tongue and paws were very pale, blood was coming from her nostrils and the back of her throat, her eyes were hemorrhaging, her eardrums were ruptured and her lungs had taken in a lot of water and detergent.

Louie’s family members were so distraught over the accident and the kitten’s condition that they had trouble composing themselves enough to tell Dr. Kim what had occurred.

After initial, conventional  efforts failed to stabilize the kitten, Dr. Kim decided to use acupuncture, and says Louie began to show improvement within minutes of the treatment. Dr. Kim continued the acupuncture treatment for the next two hours, treating her at the face, eyes, limbs, and back.

The Dr. also noted that Louie very much wanted to survive, and that played a part in her miraculous recovery, too.

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