Kitten Lost in Fatal Car Crash Returned to Grieving Mother

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No one should have to lose a child, let alone two, but that is what happened to Tracy Sollis. Her daughter, Raven Codding, died in a rollover crash, as she was returning from the funeral of her brother, Kenny Codding, but thanks to a Good Samaritan, there was a little bit of sunshine brought to her.

Cynthia Follette told Fox 10, “Some woman came out of nowhere, and said the kitten was ejected with Raven, and handed us the kitten. Like any decent human being, we took care of it.”

When Cynthia heard Tracy’s story on the news, she contacted the station and asked to be put in contact. The resulting connection allowed Cynthia to get the kitten, named Dean, back to the grieving mother. It gave her a reason to smile.

“I hope it helps her heal. She’s been through too much as it is. Any help we as humanity can provide, I think we should provide,” Cynthia shared.


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