Kitten is rescued from Tokyo overpass in large-scale effort

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A frightened kitten was safely brought down from a highway bridge in Tokyo after two days, in a large-scale rescue operation that drew a big crowd of onlookers and a media contingent.

The two day rescue operation involving about 20 firefighters and transport ministry officials finally saw kitty returned to the ground on Monday, the Asahi Shimbun reports.

A landscaping company provided the hydraulic lift that helped rescuers to reach the kitten, who was cowering in a box-like extension from the bridge when the lift was raised to the top of a column underneath the elevated highway in the city’s Setagaya Ward. Members of the rescue crew positioned themselves with a safety net below.

After about 90 minutes, during which time the panicked kitten cried out and scurried about on the dangerous exterior of the bridge underside, kitty was finally captured and brought down.

The crowd of onlookers below watched nervously as the crew tried to get the kitten, who had a bank of cameras and microphones in its face afterward.

Rescuers then fed the hungry kitten.

Officials say the ministry of transportation has received offers to adopt the kitten.

Watch raw footage from the scene:










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  1. What wonderful heroes these rescusers are !!! I hope this kitten gets a loving forever home…..Japan is a wonderful nation to its feline population !

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