Kitten is rescued from Prius and finds a home

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A Prius driver in Arizona heard an odd sound coming from under her hood… a meow. Auto technicians at a garage safely removed the kitten, who immediately found himself a home.

Cheri and Peter, who did not give their last name, heard the kitten meows and cries coming from inside their Toyota Prius one day earlier this month.

They called in to an auto repair shop in Scottsdale and made arrangements to bring the car in to get help.

Cheri told a news crew she was scared for the kitten’s safety and drove very slowly – below the speed limit – on the trip to the garage.

The repair techs heard the meows for themselves and put the car up on the lift. After loosening a couple of screws, they could see the kitten inside the engine compartment, and they were able to safely get him out of the car.

Kitty was beneath the engine on top of some splash shields, but was reluctant to go to his rescuers.

“It didn’t want to come out at first so I had to reach in and grab it,” said auto tech Justin.

Justin’s assessment is that the kitten’s placement on the splash shield and the type of car both saved him from receiving severe burns.

Justin said of the Prius, “being a hybrid the engine doesn’t run full time.”

Kitty was named Prius and was quickly adopted by Amanda, the auto shop’s receptionist.

Jim, the shop’s owner said: “In the auto repair business you want to make sure that the customer leaves when their cars are purring like a kitty, but in this case we removed the kitty.”


Watch the KPNX Channel 12 report on the story:

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  1. that is why you should always bang on the roof even in warm weather not just cold.. they may have gotten in from the rain and and anyways they like warm things….

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