Kitten is rescued from danger on busy highway overpass

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A four month old kitten rescued from a very precarious position in a drain on a busy highway overpass in a dangerous hours long effort Thursday was resting up at the shelter today.

Rescuers from the Houston SPCA and a Houston, Texas police officer worked for hours to save the kitten, now named Kirby in honor of the overpass where he was rescued.

The Houston SPCA told the story at Facebook Thursday, writing:

“Wearing safety harnesses and helmets and dangerously dangling over a busy intersection in rush hour traffic, Houston SPCA cruelty investigators and injured animal ambulance technicians rescued a very, very frightened orange tabby cat tonight who was on 610, hiding in a drain. In one direction was a 30′ fall. The other way, four lanes of freeway traffic. The delicate rescue operation took several painstaking hours and the cat was safely rescued and is at the shelter where he will receive care and loving comfort. Thank you to Houston Police Department Officer Howze, who assisted us with this very harrowing rescue operation.”

They gave a quick update on kitty’s condition today, writing:

“‘Kirby’, the orange tabby rescued last night from the Hwy610 / Kirby overpass, is doing great. His exam by the Houston SPCA veterinarians indicates that the four month old is doing well and is purring like crazy.”

Kirby, wedged into a drain o on a busy Houston highway overpass with his tail dangling from the opening.


Rescuers are secured as they lean over the overpass, with speeding traffic on the highway below.




Getting checked out by SPCA veterinary staff

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  1. Oh, Thank God for these amazing heroes !! I so hope that Kirby gets a loving forever indoor home !!!!!

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