Kitten is Rescued from Car in Traffic and Finds a Home

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A concerned motorist and the CHP Freeway Service Patrol saved the life of a stray kitten that climbed up into the wheel well of a car in on a busy road in Oakland, California on Monday, and another motorist offered to give the kitten a home.

Erika Nowland spoke about the a frightened kitten that climbed into the wheel well of her Saab as it panicked in traffic during rush hour Monday morning. “It was in here holding on for dear life,” she said.

Ms. Nowland was stuck in traffic in the left lane of Highway 580 when she spotted the kitten darting in front of her car.  The kitten had crossed four lanes of traffic and tried to jump up on the median barrier

“I’m calling here kitty, here kitty,” Ms. Nowland said.

“We tried banging here. We had a stick we were trying to poke through the sides. Nothing.”

The kitten ran behind her car. “It was just so scared. Just shaking. These big eyes. It was so sad. Horrible,” she said.

Ms. Nowland called for help and a Freeway Service Patrol crew came to the scene and jacked up the Saab so they could get underneath it to find the kitten.

“He found the kitten wedged under the springs. He got his gloves on and the kitten came right to him,” said Jerry Wyckoff of the Freeway Service Patrol, which is a joint program between Caltrans and the California Highway Patrol (CHP).

Ms. Nowland planned to take the kitten to a shelter, but another motorist stuck in the morning traffic said he would take the kitten.

Ms. Nowland’s wish for the kitten is this: “Have a beautiful life, enjoy your new home.”

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