Kitten is Rescued by Sacramento Firefighters

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Thanks to three high school boys who called for help, a kitten was rescued by firefighters from a Sacramento, CA storm drain after four days spent trapped underground.

Animal Control said they only take injured animals, according to the story as told by Channel 10 news, so reporter Dave Marquis took her back to the newsroom with him.

Channel 10 personnel are hoping the cat’s owner comes forward; otherwise they may be able to find her a good home, based on the exposure the story has gotten on TV.

For the full story on the rescue, see the video report below.


The rescued kitten at the TV news studio with reporter Dave Marquis.

2 thoughts on “Kitten is Rescued by Sacramento Firefighters”

  1. Maybe she can stay at the TV studio. In my home state of Arkansas, one of our local stations has a cat “mascot”. You may have heard of “Joey, the Garden Cat”. He’s on Facebook. Anyway, however it works out, I hope and pray that she gets a great home. She’s a very pretty girl!

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