Kitten Hitches Ride to Vermont in Car’s Air Filter: Finds New Home

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This adorable little kitten is thought to have traveled all the way from CT to VT in a car’s air filter. Other than being a bit dirty and shaken, kitty is fine.

Jim Perry of Springfield Auto Mart in Vermont tells of servicing a customer’s vehicle and, as he began to change the air filter, seeing a patch of gray fur. A kitten was curled up inside the filter. While it’s not too surprising to find mice in a filter every now and then, the technician and everyone at the garage were stunned to see the little cat.

The vehicle’s owner says they do not recognize the little traveler and thinks the kitty hitched a ride as they returned from a trip to Connecticut.

Other than being dirty and a bit nervous after the experience, the kitten is said to be fine, and he quickly found a new home with one of the technicians, whose daughter will be kitty’s new little cat mom.

WHDH TV news footage.

11 thoughts on “Kitten Hitches Ride to Vermont in Car’s Air Filter: Finds New Home”

  1. what about trying to find the kittens owner ,,i am sure i would be devastated if i lost this kitty,,,?

  2. I just had to have my air filter changed because of mouse damage. Maybe I should let my cats play under the hood when the car is parked at night.

  3. cats are really smart. Mine surprises me all the time and all the cats I have had in the past were as well. 🙂

  4. My calico was a really smart kitty… My tomcat is about as smart as a rock in comparison. LOL

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