Kitten Has the Survivor Spirit

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A kitten named Spirit lived through the fire that destroyed a family’s home, despite serious burns. He is being called a true little survivor.

A house fire in Carson City NV on July 24 left Eleanor Muscott and her family of four homeless. The family lost several kittens in the fire that destroyed their home, but five apparently homeless kittens were found wandering the property shortly afterward.

Spirit, the little kitten shown above, was burned and in the worst shape of all the surviving kittens, who were given over to the Carson Tahoe SPCA, which has responsibility for their care and placement. He and two others were taken to Lone Mountain Veterinary Hospital for treatment. He stayed there a few nights, getting very attentive care, and is now being fostered by SPCA president, Susan Paul.

He is shown at top with Dr. Katie Roberts from Lone Mountain Vet Hospital. The photo wsa snapped as she was teaching Ms.Paul how to change Spirit’s leg wraps.

Spirit’s conditions was initially thought to be pretty bad, with open wounds on his feet and a burnt tail, ears, belly and nose, raising concerns that maybe he should be euthanized.

The kitten’s innate spirit spared him, though. In Ms. Paul’s own words, “Except this guy never stopped eating. All he cares about is eating. Normally (animals will) tell you when they’re not going to be here, because they stop. But he’s a trouper. He grooms himself and he eats.” It’s more than just grooming and eating, though. Spirit has that spunk and will, and determination, that we see in many who survive where others might have given up the will to live.

In an update on the kitten from July 28,  as he left the hospital, Ms. Paul says “Well, he’s been officially surrendered to us. Picked him up from Lone Mountain Vet Hospital today. They’ll be seeing him often for bandage changes and check-ups. We’ve decided to call him “Spirit” because he has already shown show much spirit and determination.”

The SPCA has expressed thanks to Lone Mountain Veterinary Hospital for the time, the excellent care, and the love they’ve given to little Spirit, and has singled out local business Mike’s Pharmacy for donating bandages for his leg wraps.

The other kittens found on the property after the fire are in foster care and are receiving antibiotics and eye medications to treat effects of the smoke.

Spirit is doing well at present and is being watched to guard against infection setting in.

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  1. What great Spirit he does have. I’m so glad they found him and took him in. I do think that the fact that he ate and cleaned himself was his way of saying he wanted to live. I pray that he recovers and finds a loving, caring, forever home. Prayers and purrs to you Spirit.

  2. I get really sad about such pictures and even though happy about reading the happy ending and help for this little guy. Wish all luck on earth for the future to him and love. 🙂

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