Kitten Found Paralyzed in Storm Drain Now Up and Walking

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At just 2 months old, a black and white kitten named Talleyrand was in a life-or-death situation: the young, abandoned feline had fallen down a storm drain. Even more distressing, she was paralyzed and had no movement in her hind legs or tail.

The kitten was brought to the Humane Rescue Alliance in Washington, D.C., with injuries that were left untreated for several days, according to the organization’s blog. “X-rays confirmed she had a fracture of her L3 vertebra and shifting of her spinal column,” the post stated. Because of her paralysis, Talley had no control of her bladder, either.

The staff at the Humane Alliance quickly got to work on helping Talleyrand begin her recovery by treating her with acupuncture. “Talley started to respond after her first acupuncture treatment,” Pam Townsend of the Humane Rescue Alliance told petMD. “She went from zero feeling in her hind legs to regaining feeling in her toes and hindfeet. She has continued to improve since then.”

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Talley receives acupuncture. (PHOTO: HUMANE RESCUE ALLIANCE)

Talley’s acupuncture treatment, which has also included electroacupuncture, is why she is up and walking today. She can also now get herself in and out of her litter box and is making amazing progress. Townsend also credits  “physical therapy, TLC, and her stubborn, persistent nature.”

“Talley should continue to be able to walk,” Townsend said. “She may have setbacks through life, which will require possible pain meds, some physical therapy exercises, and continued, lifelong acupuncture treatments.”

She is currently up for adoption to a loving forever family who is willing to take care of her and her unique set of circumstances. “Talley continues to recover each day and each week,” Townsend said.

Talley’s first steps! (PHOTO: HUMANE RESCUE ALLIANCE)

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