Kitten dumped out with the Christmas decorations

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A kitten found in a trash pile along with discarded Christmas decorations is now safe and will get another chance to find a good home.

Seven was found dumped with the Christmas decorations in a communal corridor of an apartment tower block in Wandsworth, UK

The tiny white and tabby kitten is thought to be around three to four months old. She was named ‘Seven’ after being found on the seventh floor of a tower block on Wandsworth High Street on Wednesday, 7 January at 7pm.

She was found huddled on top of a box of discarded tinsel and tree baubles, with a painful infection across her neck and down her spine.

Seven is now in the care of the RSPCA UK.

RSPCA Inspector Esther Lincoln said:

Due to her age and the presence of Christmas decorations, I can only presume this tiny little one was an unwanted gift.

Seven was found as a terrified little ball inside a litter tray, on top of a huge cardboard box full of old junk and festive paraphernalia.

It was as if she was just dumped with the rest of the household rubbish someone didn’t want, after Christmas was over. It was heartbreaking.

She has painful-looking marks starting on her neck, and going all the way down her spine. These may either be burn marks from some kind of scalding or an extreme allergic reaction to something, possibly flea treatment.

No one on that floor knew anything, so I suspect it could have been anyone in or outside the block of flats who left poor Seven there. We urge anyone with any information to call us on 0300 123 8018.

Seven is now in our care. She’s very lovely and purrs at the slightest touch, but is understandably a bit timid. We hope when the time is right, we can find her a new forever home which gives her the kindness she deserves.

When the RSPCA UK posted photos of Seven at Facebook yesterday, the composite of images was shared hundreds of times, and 250 animal lovers left comments. Some commenters expressed their disgust with the person who dumped Seven, while others said they were glad to know she is safe, and some offered to give her a good and loving home.





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