Kitten Cuddles With Chickens to Stay Warm

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Carmel the kitten first showed up in November. The tiny kitten appeared in Micah and Allyson Radach’s backyard in Alexandria, Minnesota. Carmel was welcomed into the family and particularly liked hanging out in the backyard.

But as temperatures dropped, Carmel did what all cats do best – find the warmest place possible. That’s why one day Micah found the little kitten hanging out by the family’s chickens.

Carmel quickly discovered the chickens’ insulated coop, and will go right into the coop along with his chicken friends. Carmel will snuggle down in with the chickens, and he’s even draped himself over some of the eggs on occasion.

While Carmel is an entirely different species than the chickens, the animals get along wonderfully. It’s an important lesson that we should all remember.

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