Kitten Comforts Animal Hospital Patients

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Image source: 9News
Image source: 9News

No one likes to go to the hospital, pets included. But patients at the Northfield Veterinary Hospital in Denver, Colorado have a very special attendee to make them feel at home: A six-month-old kitten named Ron.

Ron arrived at the hospital as one of four feral kittens. The kittens were named after Harry Potter characters Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Luna.

Ron works his magic on both cats and dogs, and even tamed a 20-pound aggressive cat. The cat, which arrived in a cat carrier and was so angry that the vet couldn’t get close to it, was no match for Ron’s charm. Ron climbed up onto the carrier and had the cat tamed and playing with him within just minutes. The cat even let the vets work on him.

Knowing that Ron is a special cat, the vets let him into the rooms with other animals as long as the animals’ owners approve. Ron takes his role as therapy cat seriously, and has lately been helping with dental procedures.

It’s clear that Ron has a special calling in life, and we bet the patients of the animal hospital are very happy that this special kitten is around.

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