Kitten Beaten With Golf Club Surviving Against All Odds

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Ping, who was said to have been beaten by a golf club, suffered with three broken ribs, a severe hernia, and missing fur, has found a loving caring home with the woman who rescued her. (Photo: News Bulletin)


In spite of being cruelly beaten with a golf club and so badly injured the vet tech asked the body be back when it dies, a tiny kitten is proving that love can overcome even the most heinous acts.

Karen McCauley found what she thought was a bird lying near her car, until it made a horrible noise. Looking closer, she saw the poor thing was gasping for air and with the help of a co-worker, fed it some milk and cat food, until it could be taken to a veterinarian.

The kitten bit both Karen and the vet tech when brought into the emergency clinic, who cautioned her the protocol for feral cats was to send the animal’s head to be tested for rabies. That was not an option for Karen, who has been nurturing “Ping,” and more than three weeks after the visit to the clinic, the kitten is doing well.

Karen told the Crestview Bulletin,”I’m surprised she’s as friendly as she is after that, it’s bizarre. She never cries or complains about pain; she just has the best attitude.”

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