Kissing Kittens: A Real Life Love Story

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Louie and Luna shared a kitty kiss next to a Christmas tree, and thousands sighed or got teary eyed when they saw their photo on Twitter.

“I’ve seen a lot of people saying things like, ‘This has made my day’ or ‘I’m crying at how beautiful this is,’ or something along those lines,” proud cat dad James told Stephanie McNeal of BuzzFeed, who wrote a story about the darling duo. “I like seeing people happy and I’m glad they can confide in cat photos for that.”


James and his  girlfriend Lauren of Ocala, Florida adopted the pair when they were 10 weeks old. James has been posting photos of them as James COnquer on TwitterThe recent pic of the bonded pair next to the sparkly tree really took off. It’s caption was “Love is in the air.” Thousands retweeted it and one person made it into a meme. 

(Wendy @perfectrose2011/Twitter)

James’s Twitter profile says he working on “being a better person.” You’re doing just fine, James.

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