Kiki the Cat and the Misplaced Blame

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Kiki is being blamed for the fire that destroyed her family’s home, after she knocked over a heat lamp providing warmth for some baby chicks. Had she been kept safely away from them there likely would not have been a fire.

This local news report from South Carolina pins the blame on Kiki for the March 16 fire that completely destroyed her family’s York SC house and everything in it. It’s impossible to guard against all dangers, but the accident would not have occurred if Kiki had been kept safely away from the chicks and their heat lamp.

Kiki has a bandaged paw and slight singeing, but is other wise ok. The family escaped safely.

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  1. maybe they should have been using a safer heatlamp as well this sounded like an accident waiting to happen- and poor Kiki shouldn’t be blamed either she probably only gave into her natural curiousity

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