Kietten Lost in Napa Earthquake is Reunited with his Family

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This handsome kitten was taken to the Napa County Animal Shelter when he was found after the Napa, California earthquake of August 24, 2014. The shelter took him in as a displaced pet and posted his photo to Facebook on August 25 in hopes that his family would see him there. Several people said they’d gladly adopt him if his family did not come forward, but kitty was reunited with his petmom after she saw his photo and and made contact with the shelter on August 29.

Kitty’s petmom, Lisa E., thanked the shelter publicly, at Facebook, saying: “Thank you Napa County Animal Shelter for posting pictures and info of the animal[s] lost due to the earthquake. This made it easy to find/ identity my kitty . He’s now safe and sound at home.”

The Napa County Animal Shelter is one of the primary resources for pets missing since the earthquake. The shelter is caring for displaced pets and helping with lost and found postings. The Missing Pets of Napa Quake Facebook group is also working to help reunite missing pets and their families.

As is the case in the aftermath of tornadoes, dogs have been more widely spotted following the earthquake and its aftershocks, while cats tend to hide.

A missing dog named Oso, who has been the object of a well publicized effort, was finally found and renited with his family yesterday. Unlike most displaced dogs, who have been spotted in plain view, Osos was hiding in a vacant building.

Families who have not been as fortunate as the kitten’s and Oso’s continue to search for their pets, and the shelter continues its efforts to help them.


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