Kids Spend Summer Vacation Helping Animals

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Photo: Benjamin Gray

Four  kids from Farmington, MI wanted to make a difference for animals this summer.  And that’s just what they did!  Abbey Carvey, Julie Carvey, Lilly Truitt, and Holly Truitt (ranging in age from 8 to 12) started a club and named it PAWS (Pets and Wildlife Savers).  They wanted to properly go about the very important business of pet and wildlife saving so they collaborated on a business plan and drew up a contract that each of the club members signed.

Their first project was a lemonade stand, which raised $44.  But they didn’t stop there; their motivation to help their animal friends led them to other money-making jobs such as weeding, dog walking, raking, and even pooper-scooping.  They even went as far as asking local businesses for donations.  These friends were focused and on a mission!  At the end of the July, they’d raised $244.50.

On August 30th, they proudly presented all the money (in a decorated shoe box) to Kayla Allen, the director of Michigan Animal Rescue League.  Allen was moved by what the kids had accomplished, gave them a tour of the facility, and encouraged them to continue their enthusiastic work for animals.

While many kids were playing video this summer, these kids were making a difference in the lives of animals.  They are truly an inspiration for us all.

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