Kicked Brooklyn Cat is Adopted

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King, the young cat seen on video being kicked into the air by a 21 year old from Brooklyn, NY, is recovered and was adopted on Sunday, a little more than a month after the incident.

King is the one year old former stray known and fed by residents at the Brevoort Houses public housing complex in Bedford-Stuyvesant who was seen being kicked by 21 year old Andre Robinson in a video posted to social media. On the short video clip, Robinson lures the friendly cat over to him then gives him a forceful kick that sends him flying several feet into some bushes. Robinson and some friends or bystanders are heard laughing at the way the trusting cat is brutalized. For more, see our earlier post from May 8, May 8, 2014, Justice for King.

After the video was posted to Facebook the social media community brought widespread attention to the incident and Robinson was arrested Monday May 5 after being identified as the abuser on the video.

King was captured after a several hours long search by NYPD officers and a team from North Shore Animal League, and recuperated at an ASPCA animal hospital. King remained in the care of the ASPCA and was made available for adoption from the shelter on Sunday after an announcement by the ASPCA that he was ready to find his forever home.

King’s adopter, who wishes to remain anonymous, saw the announcement and was waiting at the door of the ASPCA’s Upper East Side adoption center in Manhattan when the facility opened at 11 a.m. on Sunday.

Addressing those animal lovers who wanted to adopt King but lost out, the ASPCA said, “The best way people can help cats like King is to visit the ASPCA Adoption Center—or any local shelter—and meet homeless animals equally deserving of loving families.”

In a related development, accompanied by his mother, Andre Robinson appeared in court today for a hearing that lasted about a minute. The case was adjourned until the end of July.

Dozens of animal lovers, many of whom took the day off from work, attended the hearing and let it be known that the case has not been forgotten.

The animal lovers there to seek justice for King encountered the Robinson group in the hallway following the hearing.

“Don’t say anything,” Robinson’s mother Mary Kirby advised her son. “Leave these assholes alone.”

King is beginning a good, new life as his supporters remember him in their campaign to seek justice.


Watch King playing at the adoption center in the video posted along with the announcement that he is recovered and ready to find a home:


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  1. I agree Teri. Does that guys mother actually know what this guy did? I wish people weren’t so damned stupid nowadays!

  2. Thrilled to see King so happy and SAFE!!!!! Best wishes little man on your new life. Enjoy!!!!!!!

  3. This proves the old adage “an apple never falls far from the tree”.
    This creep’s mother probably drop-kicked him as a child. I hope he never has children or pets of his own.

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