Keeping Your Indoor Cat Happy

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Keeping your cat indoors may help keep them away from busy roads, but some indoor environments can become predictable and boring, leading to stress, inactivity and obesity.

It can be especially hard for some cats to cope with living indoors if they have lots of energy, love to explore or have previously been allowed time outside.

However for some cats, like those with a disability or medical problem, living indoors could be a better option, and they may feel more comfortable.

Just bear in mind that indoor cats require lots more of your time and effort to be happy and healthy.


Some things you can to do keep your indoor cat happy:

Put the litter tray in a quiet place and clean it regularly. Cats are often reluctant to use a dirty tray or one located in a busy area.

Ensure your cat has enough space. Indoor-only cats should have access to several rooms.

Allow your cat access to at least two types of resting places, one at floor level, and a higher spot your cat has safe access to. Try and make sure it has a good view.

Provide scratching posts in several locations for strengthening muscles and sharpening claws.

Give your cat opportunities for daily exercise to stay fit and healthy.

Find new ways for your cat to stay active, both physically and mentally. Cats can become frustrated and bored with indoor-only lifestyles.

Try not to leave cats alone for long periods during the day.

As your cat won’t have the freedom to interact with people/other animals outside, you are their main companion. Make plenty of time to interact.

Though at times they may show it in strange ways, your cat will thank you.


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