“Kattarshian” Shelter Kittens are Stars for a Cause

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Keeping up with the Kattarshians is Iceland’s contribution to making the world a better place by using Go-Pro cameras to follow the lives of a group of shelter kittens who live in a doll-house-themed world all their own.

Here’s what Vogue has to say: “The addictive stream Keeping Up With the Kattarshians follows the lives of a group of cats from an animal shelter in Kattavinafélagið, documenting their every move with a series of Go-Pros hidden within the bespoke dollhouse they call home. Though the kittens, Guðni, Briet, Stubbur and Ronja, might not bring the same level of drama as Kim, Khloé, Kourtney, et al., their adventures are endlessly watchable—and infinitely more soothing.”

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The kittens’ ratings are record-breaking, according to Vogue, which points out that it’s all for a good cause. “Kattarshians provides more than humorous clips; by offering a path to adoption for the animals featured, it helps its stars find permanent homes post-reality stardom (officially making this the rare exception of reality TV participants leaving a show better than when they entered it.)

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“For human onlookers, the Big Brother–esque feeds are fun, but knowing that the kittens are living in a space approved by animal welfare authorities and headed to “forever-homes” only makes things more enjoyable.”

You can watch the trailer on Youtube.

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