Justin Burned Kitten Recovery Update

Justin, in a photo uploaded to Facebook by Animal Alliance of New Jersey on June 15.


A sweet and terribly abused little kitten who captured hearts is getting better and better as he completes his recovery from severe burns.

Justin was found severely burned on Thursday, April 26 of this year. The tiny, intentionally injured then-5 week old baby was found in the Kensington section of North Philadelphia by a Good Samaritan. Justin had been doused with an accelerant and lit afire.

The Animal Alliance of New Jersey  took responsibility for Justin, and  Crown Veterinary Specialists provided his medical care. Justin was released from the hospital into foster care with Kelly Vanasse and her family in late May. Kelly is an Animal Alliance volunteer who has fostered about fifteen animals for the group and has experience caring for burn victims.

The Pennsylvania SPCA opened an investigation looking for whoever burned the kitten, and the HSUS offered a substantial reward. Secutiry camera footage from a store where Justin was found didn’t provide any clues, and his abuser has not been found.

As can be seen in the new photos and video here, Justin is doing very well in his continuing recovery.


May 29: “Look! No more cone or stitches!!!! “


June 3: “You can see the excitement in his eyes as he spots his toy mousie dangling overhead. Justin is ready to play!”


June 7: “Get ready for a cuteness overload! This is Justin with his new friend, Jewel. Jewel was also a lone kitten, so Justin’s foster family are providing a foster home for Jewel as well. They are great company for each other, and Justin loves having a kitten playmate!”


June 12: “Justin feeling stronger every day…up to 2 lbs!”


Video uploaded June 17: “After Justin gets a relaxing massage behind the ears (something he LOVES), he says thank you with purrs and kisses. Yes, that’s Justin waving to everyone who has helped him!”


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Justin as he looked after being discovered on fire in front of a store in a Philadelphia neighborhood in April.
Cleaned up and looking much better, less than a week after being found.
Well recovered, a month after the incident.


Photos and video via Animal Alliance of New Jersey at Facebook.

2 thoughts on “Justin Burned Kitten Recovery Update”

  1. So happy to see little Justin is so much better. Too bad the store video was of no use in finding the person who set him on fire!! Thank goodness animal abuse charges are getting tougher. We really need that. Good Luck Justin. I’m so glad you feel and look almost well.

  2. i have followed this little cat since the beginning & even have alerts sent by google for whenever there are updates. i love this cat. i wish i could have him as my companion. i hope wherever he goes he never , never has any unhappiness in his life. i wish him long life & joy and to adopted family please keep justin news on the web. i have his pictures on my walls.

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