Justin Burned Kitten is Adopted (and gets a new Facebook page)

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Kelley and Justin via Animal Alliance of New Jersey at Facebook


Regular Life With Cats readers may be familiar with Justin, a kitten found severely burned on the sidewalk in a North Philadelphia neighborhood on April26 of this year.  Justin had been doused with an accelerant and set on fire.

The tiny, intentionally injured then-5 week old baby was rescued by a Good Samaritan and was turned over to the Animal Alliance of New Jersey in Lambertville, just across the river from New Hope, PA.  Animal Alliance turned to  Crown Veterinary Specialists for Justin’s medical care. Justin was released from the hospital into foster care with Kelly Vanasse and her family in late May.

We published five stories on Justin between April 28 and June 23, where you can see his progress from severely injured burn victim to healing kitten in photos and on video.  You can see our earlier posts on Justin HERE.

Last Friday, abouut a month after Justin’s release from the hospital into foster care, Animal Alliance made a big and joyous announcement at their Facebook page. Justin has been adopted and has gone to his forever home.

Animal Alliance of New Jersey wrote at Facebook on Friday, saying:

“Big News! Justin went to his forever home! He now has 2 moms and an Aunt to dote on him day and night. He also has a few feline siblings to play with. Please rest assured that we will post updates and pictures whenever we get them from his new family. We are so grateful for all the new friends we have made because of Justin, and your continued support of Animal Alliance is appreciated beyond measure!”

Justin’s adopter Kelley, who was chosen from a large number of applicants to be the kitten’s petmom and is shown with him in the photo above, told us today, “He is an amazing soul. He is full of life and love. He just learned how to climb stairs today. Being here with him to capture and chronicle his firsts and adventures, well, is an honor. I’m truly privileged to be his mommy.”

Knowing that Justin had gained many friends and supporters over the past three months, Kelley started a Facebook fan page for Justin.

You can follow him as he adapts to his new life and as he continues to heal and grow at his new page: Justin, Fire Survivor.

Justin’s page was created last Friday, but already has lots of photos and updates on how he is learning and adapting to his new life. Kelley was kind enough to allow us to share some of Justin’s photos from the past few days with you here (below). Kelley and Justin welcome both old and new fans and friends to Justin’s new page.

Despite a large reward and an investigation, Justin’s abuser was never found. He is moving beyond the injury and the trauma, though, to lead the good life he so deserves.

Justin, earlier this month before his adoption.


Then, yeah, then I was like this…
One of a 3 part series of photos on Justin peeking out from behind a blanket he was using as a safety curtain.
Photo via Justin, Fire Survivor


Look at all that fur! Justin’s head and back were burned, but his fur has certainly grown back.
Photo via Justin, Burn Survivor


Birdwatching and getting to know his surroundings.
Photo via Justin, Burn Survivor


EVERYBODY!! I just learned how to climb STAIRS
Photo via Justin, Burn Survivor


Photo via Justin, Burn Survivor


This is Justin very shortly after he was found and rescued. He’s come such a long way in three months time. This image does not show the terrible burns that go down the kitten’s back.


1 thought on “Justin Burned Kitten is Adopted (and gets a new Facebook page)”

  1. So happy Justin is doing well and got adopted. YAY! This kitty has been through so much pain. Wishing him & new Family many many happy healthy years together. Big hugs to Justins foster mom and all who took care of this baby 🙂

  2. I cannot find words to express how happy I am that Justin found his forever home. I followed his story since he was so horribly hurt. I thought about him every day and prayed he would get a loving home even though I am not really religious. I even wanted to go to the ‘hood he was found in to see if I could get any information. but I knew nobody would “rat”. I am convinced he will make your life happy and complete in a way you don’t even know about yet. I wished I could have adopted him myself. I wish him so very much love and happiness and health. He deserves the VERY best home in the world! Tell him I love him and give him a kiss for me. Be happy little man!

  3. Thank you so much for taking him in. I can already tell he knows he’s got a home and lots of love. He looks just like my Morgan

  4. I suppose because there are other places where Justin’s story has been told is the reason there are so few comments and of course there are those people who just don’t comment that make the list seem short. I just wanted to voice that I hadn’t heard about Justin until today Nov 13, 3013 while my daughter and I were looking up the story of another famous cat, Scarlett. You probably know her story too.

    Anyway, I’m glad to see Justin has found a loving family to share the rest of his life with. I’m so very glad to read stories about people doing good things for other people and animals because in today’s uncertain world, I need to know good still exists in others.

    Be well, everyone!

  5. I have three male cats I adopted as well, I wanted my fourth to be man coon but they are not cats in need but demand. I love the story of Justin how could people harm such beautiful creatures of God who are defenseless. I always say animals love is unconditional they have no malice they act out instinct. I just had tears tolling down my eyes . I am not wealthy women but I would love to contribute to such a wonderful miracle to such beautiful kitty such as Justin . Sincerely Rena

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