Justin Bieber Warned: No Big Cats for Pics, Parties

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(Instagram/Justin Bieber)

Justin Bieber has been warned by Toronto authorities not to use lions or other exotic cats for photographs during future visits to the city. The Hollywood Reporter and TMZ both carried the story.

The notice of violation was issued by Toronto Animal Services, according to the Hollywood Reporter, and shared with the media by PETA. The notice follows complaints by the public to the city’s animal licensing agency after Bieber posed in photographs with big cats in April and May. The complaints reportedly were made after Bieber posed backstage with a white lion cub in May and with a tiger at his father’s engagement party in April, according to TMZ.

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(Image: TMZ/Instagram)

It’s illegal to have any type of exotic cat within Toronto city limits. And PETA rebuked the Bowmanville Zoo — which allegedly provided the animals — saying, “No reputable animal-care facility lends out exotic animals for private parties and Instagram photos,” according to the Hollywood Reporter.

PETA said the juvenile white tiger at the engagement party came from the Bowmanville Zoo. PETA also says that the zoo’s owner, Michael Hackenberger, faces five animal cruelty charges after allegedly being caught on video obtained by PETA that shows him whipping a young Siberian tiger in his care and later bragging about it. Hackenberger supplied tigers for the film, Life of Pi, and The Interview. You can go to PETA’s Website to watch the video.

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