Justice Waits: Next Wilana Frazier Hearing Scheduled For September 27

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We could have run this update as early as Saturday, September 3, but decided not to let Ms. Frazier intrude on readers’ Labor Day weekend.

Last Friday, Wilana Frazier appeared in court for a pre-trial hearing. Her next hearing is scheduled for 9/27. We will not forget about the case as the weeks pass, nor will many who wish to see justice for Dexter kitten and his sibling.

Wilana Frazier’s next court appearance in the animal cruelty case over her alleged killing of Dexter kitten and Dexter’s little companion, set for September 27, is yet another pre-trial appearance as far as we know. The September 2 trial resulted in Ms. Frazier buying some time by waiving her right to a speedy trial, a common practice.

Some have asked us how and where Wilana Frazier and her children got ahold of Dexter and the other kitten. While we do not not for sure, and have net been able to verify it, someone purporting to be a neighbor says that the Frazier children stole a bike from her children and after she took it back the Fraziers catnapped her kittens and used then to extract vengeance. This story is just hearsay as far as we know. If anyone has validation for this, or can supply any credible information to either support or debunk it, or to otherwise provide background to the case, please contact us.

The Care2 petition seeking justice for Dexter and his little companion, and asking for rigorous prosecution and maximum punishment, remains open. There are currently (as of this writing) 43,141 signatures, with a goal of 50,000. We know many readers have signed and shared. Anyone who cares and has not signed or shared still has the opportunity to be heard on this horrific animal cruelty case.

You can find the link to the petition here: Justice for Dexter Kitten: Care2 Petition Asks Maximum Prosecution For Attacker.

For more on Dexter and his sweet short life, and on this case, view our complete index of Dexter kitten stories.

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  1. I have a request – and I have been posting here and there on FaceBook, but I want to give a name to Dexter’s brother. He too was a living creature until he encountered Evil One and her sons on June 10th. I have, in my heart, called him Dexter. And when I read abou the planting of Dexter’s memorial tree and that they selected a “Drake” elm tree – it confirmed to me that Dexter and Drake are brothers forever / furever!

  2. Hi,
    I revisited the petition this week and saw that you planned to keep it open. I am happy to say that LWC readers have signed the petition in large numbers.
    I kept checking for updates to the court record this afternoon but did not see anything. I’ve been hoping they would update in the morning. If you find out anything I would greatly appreciate if you would share it with me. If you wish to share you can use the contact button at the top of the page or email me directly at [email protected]. I can give you my phone number by email if you prefer that to writing.
    Thanks for starting the maintaining the petition and the news on its page.
    Regards, Karen

  3. How much Crack have you smoked, how much Meth have you done that you think that this was acceptable? that this was a good thing for you to do? You are of such impaired judgment that you should have all of your children taken away from you and that you never be permitted to have another child, or a pet of any kind. You will be judged for what you have done for the rest of your life and beyond..You are pure evil!

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