Justice for King

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King, in a New york Daily News photo used at the Justice for kKng page at Facebook
King, in a New york Daily News photo used at the Justice for kKng page at Facebook

A Justice for King Facebook page has been started in response to the recent cat kicking incident in Brooklyn, NY that has been a topic of interest on social media and has been widely reported in the news. Anger and concern over the actual incident have been superseded by outrage over the feeling that, while the abuser has been arrested and charged, the punishment may not fit the crime.

King is the stray known and fed by residents at the Brevoort Houses public housing complex in Bedford-Stuyvesant who was seen being kicked by 21 year old Andre Robinson in a video posted to social media. On the short video clip, Robinson lures the friendly cat over to him then gives him a forceful kick that sends him flying several feet into some bushes. Robinson and some friends or bystanders are heard laughing at the way the trusting cat is brutalized.

Robinson was arrested Monday after being identified as the abuser on the video. He is back at home with his mother after spending a night in jail. Robinson, who has eight prior arrests, was released Tuesday on no bond after being charged with aggravated animal cruelty.

King was captured after a several hours long search by NYPD officers and a team from North Shore Animal League, and is recuperating at an ASPCA animal hospital, where he is being evaluated by vet staff. If they determine that King was injured in the incident the charges against Robinson can be upgraded to felony level.

The Justice for King Facebook page is looking for people to attend Robinson’s next court appearance on June 9, and is asking those who want to see him punished for his crime to write to the DA’s office.

A Punish Andre Robinson, Man Accused of Kicking Stray Cat in Brooklyn, NY to Full Extent of the Law petition at Care2 has close to 49,000 signatures at this time.

The Daily News has been all over the story, and posted the short videos seen below.

Kicked cat spotted running away from people in parking lot
The cat seen being kicked allegedly by kitty kicker Andre Robinson in a video posted on Facebook is seen running away from people in a parking lot in Brooklyn before he was captured and taken to an animal hospital.

Cat kicking suspect Andrea Robinson Is Taken From 81st Pct
Andrea Robinson was charged in the kicking of a cat in his Brooklyn housing project then posting it on Facebook.

Andre Robinson: Arraignment
Andre Robinson, the suspect allegedly caught kicking a cat in Brooklyn, appears in Brooklyn Criminal Court, Tuesday, May 5th, 2014. (Joe Marino/ New York Daily News)

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  1. Make this young man pay ! I have seen enough of the likes of him luring cats & send them flying

  2. I’m happy this cat is still alive even though he endured abuse. Think of those poor kitties in Yonkers who did not 🙁

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