Judge Rules Hundreds of Cats Seized From Shelter

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A judge has ordered that Elizabeth Owen, owner of Sacred Vision Animal Sanctuary, will lose hundreds of cats she is allegedly hoarding.

An undercover investigator from PETA, posing as a shelter volunteer, captured footage of 300 cats that were being neglected and kept in filthy conditions. In September Owen was charged with Horry County’s animal care and treatment ordinance, but her case had been continued because of lack of evidence. Last Wednesday, PETA presented the undercover video to the Solicitor’s Office. In light of this new evidence the county requested a motion allowing authorities to seize the cats.

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0 thoughts on “Judge Rules Hundreds of Cats Seized From Shelter”

  1. The video footage that was shown in this piece by the newscasters was way different from the footage that Peta showed. The footage by Peta was very disturbing and there were many cats that were very very sick and having a very hard time breathing; one cat was having a grand mal seizure; another very close to death! The women most likely has removed those cats and she also had the doors open to ventilate the place. If you really want to see the real footage — go the Peta’s website.

  2. I followed up to see what was going on – all the cats have been removed to a special location where they are receiving veterinary care, clean cages, and regular food and water. It was stated that the cats will stay there until this case is ajudicated! Ms. Owen may have had good intentions at some point – but it is costly, very time consuming, and a lot of work to take care of ~250 to 300 cats! Especially for one or two people!
    I’m worried about the really sick cats that seemed to have been removed before the seizure of all the cats? I hope the authorities found and removed those cats also! They are the ones who needed the veterinary care the most! These hoarding situations are so sad!

  3. I am a rescuer too and while I applaud her for having good intentions…NONE of my animals would ever go without vet care.

    What if that poor cat that was seizing or those cats that died from upper respiratory infections had been a child? Would you say they were still better off with her?

    I would rather see an animal put down than see it suffering. If she can not afford vet care then she does not need to be taking them in. This is neglect at the least!

    Oh and as for why this is even an issue! Look around, if you are sitting here reading this and your cats are not fixed, even if they are inside cats, YOU are part of the problem. Your cat only has to get out one time! Same goes for dogs of course! So if you know someone who hasn’t spayed or neutered their animal, take them to your local animal shelter and tell them that only about three or four will be adopted before the next euthanasia day. Then make them an appointment. Only until licensed people are reproducing animals, can we ever hope to stop this insanity!

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