Jubilee Kittens Rescued During the UK Holiday Celebration Weekend

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A litter of kittens rescued in the nick of time from an abandoned industrial site during the recent celebrations in the UK are being called the Jubilee kittens. The shelter that saved them has named them Diamond, Palace, Jubilee and Royal.

Diamond, Palace, Jubilee and Royal


The quartet of 5 week old kittens were born to a feral mother, and were living in a bush in an unused, locked industrial unit with no access to food or water when discovered.

It took Cats Protection UK’s Bridgend Centre in Wales several days and a few phone calls to track down the owner of the unit in order to obtain permission and access before they could save the kittens.

A woman named Katie, one of the Centre’s cat caregivers, crawled on her stomach through the bushes and used towels to get hold of the kittens. The kittens were thin and dehydrated but have responded well to feeding and care.

Mama cat has been trapped and spayed so she does not have more litters of kittens needing rescue. The kittens are in foster care, where they will stay for 4-5 weeks until they are ready for adoption.

Thanks to the timing of their rescue and their commemorative names, the Jubilee kittens may have an extra good chance at adoption.

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Like many shelters, Cats Protection has seen a drastic drop in cat adoptions alongside an increase in the number of cats needing rehoming. The Centre has hundreds of cats on a wait list to enter the shelter, with few making it in each months.

The shelter is making an appeal for people to please consider adopting a cat, with this month being the slowest months for adoptions in several years.


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  1. They should change all they laws which restrict animal rescuers. Those kittens could’ve died while rescuers were trying to find the person responsable legally for the unit.

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