Joplin Tornado Pets: Carrie-On Flies to PA For a New Life

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Carrie the calico cat was passed over for adoption until one woman knew she had to save her. Carrie is one of hundreds of pets rehomed  at  the June 25-26 Joplin MO tornado pets Adoptathon. She now lives with a vet tech who volunteered at the emergency shelter as one of many who gave their time to help the animals of a city in need.

A month after a forceful tornado destroyed large areas of Joplin Missouri and displaced well over a thousand domestic pets, the Joplin Humane Society and the ASPCA, who worked together to successfully operate a massive emergency shelter, held a widely publicised and hugely successful fee-waived adoption event to rehome the hundreds of cat, dogs and other creatures they had not been able to reunite with their families.

One adorable calico cat went home with a shelter volunteer who traveled from Pennsylvania to aid in the Joplin effort. Julette Plummer volunteered from Sunday through Wednesday of the week preceeding the event, and says of Carrie:

“She was passed by by so many people because she “was” in renal failure. I couldn’t leave her there knowing I could do something for her. I work as a vet tech and knew I could give her the care she needed. She flew home with me yesterday and I named her “Carrie-on”. Took her to my work on the way home and had bloodwork run on her. She surprised me! All organs seem to be functioning correctly all she has is a bad case of coccidiosis. I love her so much! “

The photo shows Carrie enjoying life in her new forever home.

Fellow volunteer Jennifer Huffman expressed relief that Carrie had been adopted by someone who could care for her needs, saying  “I’m so glad you took her! She was so sick when she came in, I could only her to eat a few bites. I have been worried wondering what happened to her. I feel much better knowing she was adopted!”

Ms. Plummer responded that Carrie is doing so much better that she can down a can of Fancy Feast with such gusto now that she needs to be paced.

The more than thousandfold pets displaced, stranded, and even orphaned by the tornado that hit Joplin MO on May 22 had a terrible disruption to their lives but thanks to the efforts of many, and the diligence of the Joplin Humane Society and those who used social networking to help catalog and reunite lost and found pets, most have now either resumed life with their original families or have begun new lives.Carrie is just one of those pets.

Despite the seeming closure to the episode brought by the giant adoption event, the tornado pets effort continues. Homeless, displaced animals continue to be discovered, missing animals are still sought, and the lost and found matching process continues.

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