Joplin Tornado Pets Adoptathon A Huge Success

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“There’s No Place Like Home” Joplin MO tornado pets adoptathon, scheduled for today and tomorrow, was so successful today that people were turned away by mid-afternoon. Hundreds of cats and dogs were adopted today and more will be available tomorrow.

This adopted cat will be named Joplin.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think we would adopt all of today’s cats but we DID. BUT…We have a lot that will be ready and available tomorrow.

Karen Aquino, JHS Director

Lining up.

Huge crowds showed up early  this morning for the tornado pets adoptathon held by the Joplin Humane Society and the ASPCA. Over the last month since Joplin MO was hit by a devastating tornado the two organizations have worked together to shelter about a thousand lost or displaced animals and reunite as many as possible with their families. This weekend the several hundred cats and dogs remaining were made available on a fee-waived basis  to qualified adopters. The event ran today and will continue tomorrow.

This bell clanged out to announce another adoption hundreds of times today.

Someone scanned the housing facility’s parking lot this morning and easily found license tags from twenty-four states, and later, as the building filled with potential adopters and the emergency shelter began running out of today’s adoptable pets the ASPCA closed the event to latecomers.

This dog was the first pet to get a new home today.

This afternoon, JHS Director Karen Aquino excitedly announced that all of today’s supply of cats and most of the dogs had already been adopted. The numbers for Saturday totaled up to175 cats, 228 dogs, 4 rabbits and 1 ferret, for a total of 408.

Callie was adopted today.

A post by the ASPCA issued late today states:

“We are completely floored by the amazing outpouring of support at today’s adoption event at the Joplin Humane Society. Thanks to the generosity of pet lovers like you, and the inspiring resilience of Joplin’s residents, hundreds of pets left homeless by last month’s tornado are sleeping in new beds tonight.

In fact, as of this writing, almost all the animals at our emergency shelter have been adopted. If you had plans to drive to Joplin tomorrow to show your support, we would like to encourage you to visit your favorite local shelter instead. You can make just as meaningful an impact by adopting a pet from your local shelter. And we’re certain there are many sweet and lovable animals waiting patiently for forever homes in a shelter near you.”

Farley and his new dad.

The event will continue tomorrow to place the rest of the tornado pets, as well as some equally deserving cats and dogs being shipped in from elsewhere to help meet the demand.

We are thrilled to see that this event has been so succesful.

NBC Nightly News piece which includes footage from the event

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  1. So why can’t we do this for EVERY shelter and EVERY homeless pet?!?! It’s so easy, we just have to get it together!

  2. Yeah! People coming to the rescue of these poor displaced pets, warms my heart and renews my faith! So happy!

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