Joplin Humane Society MO Tornado Pet Rescue Update

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In the aftermath of the devastating tornado of Sunday, May 22 the Joplin Humane Society stands at the hub of animal rescue and welfare services.

“We want to do everything in our power to be a resource for our community. We’re well prepared to take injured, owned and stray animals.”

JHS Director, Karen Aquino

As of Monday 5/30 an emergency animal rescue facility set up with the help of the ASPCA and managed by the Joplin Humane Society had taken in 663 animals, and 204 had been returned to their families.  The building, conveniently located nearby to the group’s facility, can house up to 1,200 animals. Dogs, cats, reptiles, birds and even goldfish have found shelter there.

JHS staff and volunteers coordinate care for the daily needs of hundreds of animals, manage lost and found posting and matching, provide veterinary services to animals coming to the shelter, offer emergency pet housing for animals whose families are unable to care for them at present, and distribute pet supplies and medicines to the affected community.

JHS appreciates the widespread generosity that has brought needed supplies from far and wide, with donors ranging from national organizations to individuals. When the shelter needed specific items an Amazon Wishlist was created so people could buy those supplies and have them shipped directly to Joplin. That wishlist is still open for anyone who wants to make a purchase that goes directly to the scene.

The shelter is now  in need of cash donations to help them obtain needed medicines and other medical supplies that the public cannot purchase directly.

They have also asked for donation of flea and tick medications such as Frontline and similar grade products, saying they are greatly in need of the pest treatments.

JHS, its hardworking staff and volunteers, and donors from all over have all helped make the effort to help pets affected by the devastating tornado a very effective one. The work will continue as pets remain lost and found, people are still displaced from their homes and the city digs out, cleans up and rebuilds from the terrible event.

Success: JHS was in desperate need of supercooling fans and got them!


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Fox4 Kansas City news video on the Joplin Humane Society’s tornado pets shelter and their need for cash donations to buy medicines.

Over the course of the video we see one dog’s reaction when he sees his dad again after a few days.

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