John Force Kitten Gets Help and Helps Others

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Little John Force is a special needs kitty bringing donations, attention and interest to the helping programs of the organization caring for him, as he is being helped to heal.

Little John Force came to AniMeals food bank and adoption center in Missoula, MT a month ago, as a kitten with special needs. He had been born with twisted legs. As he receives care and his legs are realigned, he is bringing attention and support to the organization’s special needs fund and foster program, benefitting the lives of other animals in the process.

John Force, named for a well known drag race driver (we are told), is described as sweet and marvelously cooperative, yet indomitable, and he has become pretty well known since coming to Animeals, whose the staff is caring for him. His legs are twisted due to misplaced tendons, and his caregivers hope to correct the problem by wrapping and realigning his legs every day. If that process does not get the desired result he will become a candidate for surgery, so everything necessary will be done to help him.

Thanks to the local interest in the kitten, area residents are generously donating to the AniMeals Healing Hearts Program medical care and special needs fund, and have taken a greater interest in AniMeals’ foster program, since so many wanted to help John Foster, then learned that other less famous kitties need and deserve the same degree of love and care.

Here’s a report from KAJ18,with more on the story, showing the little fellow in action.

URL link, in case the video does not play properly for you: VIDEO

15 thoughts on “John Force Kitten Gets Help and Helps Others”

  1. Poor little guy! I hope that they get his legs straightened out (no pun intended) and am glad that he’s getting proper love and attention to himself and the other kitties in their program.

  2. He sounds like he has a great personality. My special needs kitty, Cisco, is like that too. Always purring even when we have to treat him for something. We could learn a lot from animals like this and how they handle adversity.

  3. He is BEYOND ADORABLE~! Seriously, what a spirit~! :*) Praying he doesn’t need surgery and is healed this way. Thank you so much for helping him~!

  4. Even if his legs aren’t perfect, he seems to have a perfect little spirit, and will make a wonderful companion for the right person!

  5. cats never know they are gimp. my friend has a completly gimp cat and she does not never know this! life goes on…..they live for the moment….this feilla will be ok in the end.

  6. I wish that you could send this to Ashley Force Hood!! She’s John’s daughter and a real cat lover! She’s on FB, but I can’t share it

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