Jogger Swims to Rescue Cat Drowning in Carrier

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A jogger was in the right place at the right time to save a cat sinking into the waters of a creek while latched into a cat carrier weighted down by a heavy rock. The good Samaritan heard the cat’s cries and jumped into the water to rescue him.

The rescue took place one day last week in Upstate New York and the cat, named Chance, is doing well and has already been placed with a family.

The Great Animal Rescue Chase & Harmony Fund, which is headquartered in Holden, Massachusetts, wrote about the rescue at Facebook on Tuesday, saying:

“Recently Matthew Guidarelli was out for a jog over a footbridge on the Normans Kill, a 45-mile-long (73 km) creek in New York state, when he heard what at first sounded like a baby crying. He stopped, listened some more, and then spotted a pet carrier sinking beneath the water.

“Matthew jumped in and crossed the current quickly. As he hoisted the crate, it seemed unusually heavy. He was stunned to find not only a large tabby inside but also a heavy rock, intended to make sure the cat would never surface again

“There’s an absolute storm of serendipity surrounding this case. First, our hero ran across the bridge exactly at the time that the perpetrator must have been running in the opposite direction. Second, Matthew heard the cries only because he wasn’t listening to music at the time of his jog. And third, Matthew didn’t hesitate or wait for help. Had he waited for authorities, it would have been too late.

“Bethlehem, New York police are somewhat doubtful the perpetrator will be found, but there is one lead in the case. The carrier is marked with a neon pink sticker that might help identify the cat’s former guardian. The sticker appears to have come from a veterinary clinic. The hope is that someone will recognize the sticker or this large tabby who has a somewhat memorable appearance. See the sticker here

“As for the tabby, he’s been given the name Chance and is an absolute delight to be around. His new “parents” report that he loves to be brushed and to roll on his back. In just a few days, he has already stolen their hearts and they can’t get enough of him.””






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  1. What the hell is wrong with people? They couldn’t have taken him to a shelter? NO…this is INTENTIONAL cruelty. No better than the sick individuals who harm animals. Thankfully there are kind people like the rescuer and the new purrents. There’s a special circle in hell and heaven for each respectively. I hope the abusers face the same fate.

  2. Shelters are full of Sociopath’s Who keep telling You How “Humane” they are, good chance they would’ve put him down anyway.

  3. Makes you wonder if it is owners who do this, maybe cats have been given away free or stolen, then vile person/people do this sort of hateful thing. So glad this cat was saved at just the right time! The man who rescued him is a hero.

  4. The comment I would like to make is unprintable! So instead, I will state, “What goes around, comes around” xxx

  5. Jim, while the shelter may have put him down anyway, it would have been done in a humane way; not thrown into the water like a piece of trash.

  6. Matthew is an amazing guy. He should receive a public commendation for his actions. The other one should be flogged in public,tied up and throw in the same creek for his actions. I’d love to be there to watch.

  7. What a beautiful cat. There is a special place in hell for the scum who did this. Think I might like to help escort him there too ! I’m not one to put animals before humans in the general sense but I DO put them before this species of “less than human”. Hope this kitty has a wonderful life now.

  8. We must find the persons that did this and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law and if that is not enough, we MUST DO UNTO THEM WHAT THEY DID UNTO THIS CAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. How come AFTER I post a comment, and people either “like” it or respond to me, I can never get back to my own comment? I forget what I write half the time. AND I can initially post a comment without signing in, but, like now, when I am attempting to retrieve my own comment, I MUST sign in? WHY is this so difficult?

  10. I like your suggestion….it is the least that should be done to this person. there should be such stiff and shaming punishments which would act as a deterrent
    for other would be animal hating humans.

  11. This doesn’t quite make sense as a comment. “Sociopaths”? Sounds more like cold-blooded sadists to me! As to “chances are…”: rather hypothetical, isn’t it?…

  12. @’JIM’ — This is indeed a strange comment to say the least. In how many shelters have you volunteered, exactly? Did you keep a record of events and all the would-be ‘sociopaths’ there? Kindly not criticize and blacken people’s character not knowing what you are talking about. I rather think you advocate “getting rid” of unwanted companion animals the way that gorgeous cat’s previous owner did. What is more : veterinary clinics are no shelters; and a vet – whether or not a “sociopath” as you put it – is unlikely to drown a ‘patient’ of his!

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