Jimmy the cat saves his family from house fire

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Jimmy is held by a firefighter


Jimmy the cat is being credited with saving his family’s life and their home after a fire broke out early Tuesday morning.

Jimmy sounded the alarm by loudly meowing at around 4 a.m., waking his family as their home in the Upper Austrian town of Leonding filled with smoke from a fire.

Jimmy’s petdad responded to the wake-up call in time to evacuate his wife and two children, along with Jimmy. The 47 year old man was able to go back inside to find the source of the fire and extinguish it before it could engulf the rest of the house.

A burning candle inside a wooden lantern started the blaze, which threatened the home when it spread to a wooden chest of drawers, according to a report in Austria’s Kronen Zeitung newspaper. While the structure was saved, the entire house is covered with soot as a result of the fire.

The human members of the family were taken to the Accident Hospital in Linz, where they were treated for smoke inhalation.

Jimmy, who is being hailed as his family’s little hero, is being cared for by the fire department until he can be reunited with his family.



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