Jessi-Cat: Therapy Cat Helps Boy to Communicate and to Show Love

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A family pet is her boy’s best friend and loving companion. Jessi-Cat helps the child, who has trouble speaking in social situations and has difficulty in showing love.

Jessi-Cat and Lorcan by Paul Maven Photography

The world can be a lonely place for children with Selective Mutism, an anxiety disorder which affects the ability to speak in social situations, but seven-year-old Lorcan Dillon has a very special friend at his side to help him cope with the condition, Jessi-Cat. The gentle puss is a constant companion to Lorcan, joining in his games and boosting his confidence. When Lorcan struggles to communicate with people, he talks to Jessi-Cat, whose unconditional love is helping him overcome his problems. Lorcan’s mum Jayne says: “She is a loving companion and is always interested in what Lorcan is up to.”

Lorcan and his family live in Davyhulme, in Greater Manchester, UK. The boy’s condition makes it hard for him to communicate with teachers and school mates, and to express his love to family members. Mum Jayne Dillon says Jessi-Cat and Lorcan’s special relationship has allowed her son to show love and has helped him make steps toward overcoming his social difficulties.

Jayne says that pets, and cats especially,  are very good with special needs children, and can be of great help to those with autism or similar disorders.

Jessi-Cat, a beautiful Cream Birman, is one of the Best Friends category finalists in the Cats Protection UK National Cat Awards sponsored by Verdo Cat Litter.

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