Jennifer Runs for Whisper the Kitten

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Jennifer Hawkins is running the 2015 LA Marathon for Whisper, a kitten who was thrown from a moving car.

Whisper was thrown out of a moving car in Burbank, California. A good Samaritan rushed to her and saw that her tail was torn off. The person most likely held her by the tail before throwing her out.

Kitten Rescue LA  volunteer Eden Salisbury sprang into action and got Whisper to the emergency vet.  Kitten Rescue paid for the emergency vet expenses to have her tail patched up and she went into foster care with Eden. Subsequently, Whisper needed a great deal of medical care and surgery because her tail wouldn’t heal properly and an infection started to spread. She received daily saline rinses to prepare the tail for amputation and skin graft. After the rest of her tail was removed, she was able to get strong and healthy.

Whisper is doing great now. She is super trusting and loving.

Because of Kitten Rescue and its volunteers, Whisper will be available for adoption soon and will live a full and happy life, sans tail – which she doesn’t seem to miss!

Jennifer is running the the the 2015 LA Marathon in her honor. The money she raises to sponsor her run will go to help Kitten Rescue care for more cats like Whisper.

Jennifer writes at her Jennifer Hawkins Team Kitten Rescue crowdrise fundraiser: “The thought of what could have happened to Whisper had Kitten Rescue not been available and financially able to intervene breaks my heart. Please donate to my marathon fund so that kitties like Whisper can be saved. The video here was filmed at Whisper’s foster home. She will be available for adoption soon! Let me know if you are interested in adopting her!”

Kitten Rescue is the largest cat rescue organization in Southern California. Kitten Rescue is a 501c3 group. Team Kitten Rescue is an official LA Marathon Charity.



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