Japanese Exec Pays Workers Who Rescue Cats

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The owner of a Japanese IT firm who lets his staffers bring their cats  to work also donates $45 a month to anyone who rescues a cat.

Hidenobu Fukuda,  head of the IT firm Ferray in Tokyo, introduced his office cat policy in 2000, according to the report by Yahoo News.  “I also give 5,000 yen ($45) a month to those who rescue a cat,” he told Yahoo News. The story was also carried by AFP News Agency.

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Currently, nine felines prowl, eat and nap in the small office. Yahoo News reports that other Japanese companies are also allowing dogs and other animals in the office to help reduce stress and anxiety.

Ferray employee Eri Ito said the cats help her relax.  “Cats are sleeping just beside us… It’s healing,” Ito said. Fukuda said the cats occasionally make their presence known in other ways.  “Sometimes a cat will walk on a phone and cut off the call, or they shut down the computers by walking onto the off switch,” he said.

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