Jamarea Mills Thanked By Many / Little Heart Foster Mom Speaks

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Celebrated hero 9 year old Jamarea Mills has restored faith in humankind and the younger generation for many through his bravery in knocking a pocket knife from the hand of an older bully during a brutal attack on a 7 week old gray tiger kitten posthumously named Little Heart.

Young Jamarea and other children were playing with a 7 week old kitten at their neighborhood playground  in Suffolk VA last Saturday when a 12 year old bully came along and brutalized the little cat. Jamarea pleaded helplessly with the older boy until the 12 year old pulled out a knife and threatened to cut the cat, at which point Jamarea knocked the knife from the attacker’s hand. He is credited with saving the kitten from a horrific end, though sadly it died six days later on Friday, June 3 while in the care of a dedicated foster caregiver.

In recent days Jamarea has had a Facebook page Jamarea Mills is a Hero set up by animal loving admirers to thank him for his caring heart and brave act in defense of a defenseless creature. He has been interviewed for television news features, and has received public thanks from the Suffolk County Humane Society, the Suffolk Police and Suffolk Animal Control. City Council members have proposed inviting Jamarea to a Council meeting to thank him, as well.

A news release from the humane Society reads:

“It is very difficult to stand up for what is right and it is never right to harm an animal in an act of violence. The Suffolk Humane Society would like to publicly thank this boy for his heroic actions. Our hope is that all children will feel empowered to stand up for what is right and just as they grow up. ”

Amid talk that Jamarea might want to become a veterinarian some day WTKR television news took him on a visit to Harbour Veterinary Clinic, where he was offered an internship when he becomes a teen. Jamarea got to visit and cuddle with some of the animals at the clinic and got an up close look at how the clinic operates. Jamarea bonded quickly with the animals, showed interest in everything he was shown and was sent home with a kit of supplies he could use to help the animals in his neighborhood.

Jamarea’s action that day helped more than the one little kitten who spent its last days in the loving care of clnic staff and foster mom Deborah Jones; it touched and inspired thousands.

Jamarea and his mother, Cornesia Council

Below is a news feature which includes footage of Little Heart’s foster caregiver Deborah Jones talking about the kitten at the heart of this story.

Deborah says that the kitten appeared to be coming along well throughout the week until it developed difficulties breathing late Thursday night and had to be rushed to the vet.

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Jamarea at Harbour Veterinary Clinic with the little dog he befriended.

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  1. Hey, its my old neighborhood, and a rather ‘rough’ one too. Doesn’t surprise me that the bully had a knife. Glad Jamarea didn’t get hurt.

  2. I have so much problems to read these stories!!Whats the matter with these children??How can somebody POSSIBLY be cruel to this little face???And a STANDING OVATION for this brave little guy!!!!!

  3. I hope now that young hero Jamarea (or his parent or guardian) will take the next step and ask that the older boy be checked for possible abuse at home in conjunction with being charged. Physically abused children, and those who witness physical abuse in the home, often act out by physically abusing animals and then move onto physically harming humans. This abuser might be able to be taken from his abusive home and rehabilitated. Then again, he might be a psychopath and need to be institutionalized, thus protecting the rest of society. Please, Jamarea (or his parent or guardian), speak up for the older boy to get help before he hurts anything or anyone else. You can make a positive difference in his life.

  4. Thank goodness for his bravery and that he saved this little kitten at least to get some help.
    Someone PLEASE give him a FREE kitten~! :8)

  5. His Momma looks so proud and she should she’s obviously raised him right, hmmmm wonder if he’s headed for a military career with that kinda bravery? Anyway, someone PLEASE give him a FREE kitten~!

  6. Deborah Jones YOU ARE AN ANGEL~! I fostered a kitten for just a few days and found out it couldn’t be saved and had to be put to sleep, I was heartbroken and sobbed….. such a difficult thing to do…….
    I suggest that the boy be given one of the kittens when they are born. He could even maybe be there when they’re born which if it’s truly interested in becoming a vet would be a truly great experience, don’t you think?
    God bless………..

  7. Jamarea lives in a no-pets allowed apartment and his mom has said she’s not an “animal-person,” however, she still taught her kid right from wrong! I don’t think giving him a free kitten is a good idea, but hopefully he will accept that internship when he’s old enough!

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