Jackson’s Tale

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Cat found in Detroit with tail encased in ice

Jackson was all alone outside in freezing temperatures in Detroit. He was found by a concerned citizen who noticed the cat’s tail had become encased in ice from the cold and snow.

Knowing the homeless cat needed help, the man brought the friendly cat to the Michigan Humane Society’s veterinary center in Detroit.

After an examination by an MHS veterinarian, it was determined that Jackson would need to have his tail amputated.


Even though the gentleman who found Jackson could not keep him, he decided to pay for the cost of surgery and all medications and vaccinations that Jackson would require to ensure he would be ready for adoption.

Jackson has fully recovered from his surgery and is now ready to find his forever home at the MHS Detroit Center for Animal Care.

Lots of injured dogs and cats are surrendered to the Michigan Humane Society. Not many of them have a good Samaritan to pay for their surgery, medications, and vaccinations.

Jackson’s adoption listing says he is a young cat of about 9 months old who is very friendly, loved to be petted, and loves meeting people at the shelter.

Watch Jackson’s story:


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