Jackie the Kitten Goes Home

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Jackie the Kitten, pulled by City Critters from the  Brooklyn ACC in June, became well known as her heartbreaking intake photo brought people together to help with her medical care and send her love. We told her story a week ago when she was healed and looking for her forever home. Now she is home and happy to be there.

For those who didn’t see the earlier story and are not otherwise familiar with Jackie’s story, here is her ACC intake photo. Septecemia blood poisoning had affected the tissue in her ear, nose and tail, and she was underweight. The deadened tissue of her ear and tail meant they would fall off, which they did. Jackie had a partial tail amputation to remove the deadened portion after she was strong and healthy enough for the surgery.

She became transformed into the beautiful cat you see at the top of this story and she charmed everyone who met her in the process. She also got her own Jackie the Kitten Facebook page and a devoted following as she made the journey from a pathetic wreck of a stray to a beautiful and loved kitten who would soon have a real home.

We told Jackie the Kitten’s story on July 30, as her caretakers at  City Critters considered potential adopters for the kitten who had come so far in such a short time.  On Friday August 5, Jackie went home.

Today Jackie posted a note to all of her friends and supporters at her Facebook page, telling about life with her new family, so far. We suspect she dictated it to her pet parent.

I is home

“Hey everyone. Let me tell you about my arrival to my new home!

My new parents have been following my progress and supporting me through my journey to wellness so I was excited that they applied to adopt me. However, I think it was their 1 year old black and white feline son who really filled out the application. His name is Vito and he seemed most excited to meet me. I knew that I had a lot of human admirers but I had no idea that my biggest supporter was another cat.

Anyway, I arrived at my new home and had to stay in the carrier while the humans walked around to be sure the place was safe for me. Vito came right up to welcome me with the silly exuberance usually seen from those small dog creatures. Looks like the place got the green light because the bag was unzipped and I was allowed to emerge.

The first thing to draw my attention was the aroma of some wonderful smelling fish food. I hunted down the bowl and found only scraps but moments later dad came over with a big helping of some fresh food. Good food and good service at this place. I think this will work out well. I moved from bowl to bowl and so did dad with more fresh helpings. Meanwhile, Vito sat about 1 foot away saying: “Can we play after dinner? Oh please oh please can we play?”

With my belly full I decided to go for a stroll. That Vito character remained close behind trying to sniff my butt. I barely gave him the time of day but between us close friends, I thought he was handsome and his enthusiasm was rather adorable. When the humans focused on some paperwork, I tucked behind a bookcase in the bedroom, just for a moment to take it all in. Vito stayed near and told the humans where I was. They scooped me up, gently and lovingly, and put me back in the living room. The windows were big and the room was spacious and sunny so I wandered around. I found a little jungle gym space with empty boxes, scratching pads, cat tree and some human furniture. Vito was excited to show me the way down a path of adventure and I overheard dad proudly tell the City Critters lady that Vito made the playground all by himself. I continued wandering for a bit and I caught a glimpse of what was to be my older sister named Porkchop. She didn’t greet me but I saw a glimmer of happiness in her eye when she saw me. I’m not sure, but I think she was chuckling because I had become Vito’s biggest obsession and she was now off the hook.

So I think I’m going to like it in this new home. I gotta go now to finish my exploration and tease Vito for a little longer before I chase him across the room and tackle him.”

It sounds like Jackie will have a good life and her very own happily ever after.

For more on Jackie, see our earlier story  Jackie the Kitten Captures Hearts and Gets Help

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  1. Oh my heart…what a brave and resilient kitty. Her new family is truly blessed. Have a fabulous life Jackie! 🙂

  2. Such a WONDERFUL success story~! and such a beautiful lil’ kitty that emotionally doesn’t look to worse for the wear as they say. Praise the Lord for all that helped save her in so many way. ANGELS, YOU ARE ANGELS I TELL YA~!!!!!!!!!!!

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