Jackie the Kitten Goes Home Part II: The Photos

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Here she is, Jackie the Kitten, healed and happy in her new forever home.

Is this the same little girl from Jackie the Kitten Captures Hearts and Gets Help? Yes it is. Jackie was in rough shape, and looked it, when she was pulled from the Brooklyn NY ACC in June by rescue group City Critters. She has come a long way.

When we saw the news on August 7 that  Jackie had gone to her forever home we were excited and rushed a story Jackie the Kitten Goes Home to publication without waiting for the promised photos of Jackie living her new life.

Today those photos became available, so here she is, Jackie in her forever home. She posted pics with some commentary at her Facebook page Jackie the Kitten, a place where she gained many friends and supporters as she made her journey from sick, forgotten stray to sweet, healed beauty headed for a good life.

Playtime. Jackie’s commentary on this one is that she loves to play and is making up for lost time after her six week recovery from her weak underweight status, then her medical procedures.


Mealtime. Jackie tells us she gets all organic food and she loves it. This pic shows how great her ear looks now.


A view of the other end. Jackie is showing us that he tail area has healed. she just needs for the rest of her fur to grow in there.


This is Vito, Jackie’s new bother and playmate. She says he is gentle and sweet.


So, here’s a little view into the happily ever after of one little cat who was lucky enough to have good people helping her.

For reference, here again is Jackie’s intake photo from the ACC. The is taken weeks ago, in June, but worlds away from where Jackie is now.

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  1. Thank You Jesus, for the new life of this sweet little kitty! The tears are rolling down my face,I’m so happy to see her all happy and well taken care of. God Bless all the people that struggled to get her where she is today. God Bless the folks who gave her, her FURever Home. Happy dance, happy dance!

  2. Praise God for ALL of you, you angels indeed~! :*) This kitty is so beautiful and certainly deserves everything that you’ve done for her….. so sweet~!
    Thank you doesn’t seem enough, but Know that I am grateful~! :*) and she certainly is…….

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