Jack The Cat Missing From JFK: Karen Pascoe Speaks On Video, And Updates

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Petmom Karen Pascoe gives a remote interview to a New York TV news program, where she talks briefly about her experience with losing Jack, and about the search dog. The report also includes an overview of  the story’s presence on the internet and American Airlines’ input on the situation.

Jack The Cat Still AWOL At Kennedy Airport: MyFoxNY.com

Meanwhile, Karen’s sister Mary Beth Griffith Melchior, who has capably managed the Jack The cat is Lost in AA Baggage at JFK Facebook page, while making Jack’s story a US and international phenomena, has given recent updates on the search. Mary Beth says she is both comforted and optimistic after learning that a well-placed person with JFK is dedicated to the search for Jack, and that JFK staffers have actively joined the search.

She provides some perspective on the task of looking for Jack, just within airport grounds: “JFK covers 4,930 acres and has more than 30 miles of roadway within it. It has 7 terminals, 18,000 parking spaces, almost 1.5 million square feet of offices and warehouses. ABOUT 35,000 PEOPLE ARE EMPLOYED THERE.” Despite the thousands of concerned supporters chiming in from all over the US and abroad, actual volunteers willing and able to go to the airport and surrounding areas are relatively few; more are needed. Mary Beth has put out a call, “We need to get the word out to those people – postcards will be available to distribute tomorrow!!! And please feel free to print flyers and take them over to JFK to distribute to employees in unsecure areas!!!”

Outside volunteers can help in the airport’s unsceured areas, but Jack’s family needs to rely on JFK and airline personnel to search and post in the secured areas.

Jack and Barry in happier days.

While the important thing is finding Jack and returning him to his family, the question of how he got out of his crate and became lost remains. There has been much speculation as to how Jack got loose but no answers. Karen and Mary Beth recount that Jack was firmly secured in his crate when Karen said her goodbyes to him, yet it was not long before she got the fateful call telling her that he escaped the intact crate and was missing. American Airlines has assured both Karen Pascoe and Life With Cats that they reviewed surveillance camera footage and found nothing showing Jack and his crate at the crucial moment. AA cites their privacy policy as the reason for not making footage available to Karen Pascoe, and asks her to accept their reassurances that there is no evidence to be had. We were given the following statement from Andrew Backover of AA, “The safety and security of our customers and employees are our top priorities. For this reason, we do not provide our video surveillance footage to the public. We have viewed the footage and it provides no additional evidence. Our additional efforts to find Jack continue.”

AA tells the family and all those concerned that, in their words, “American Airlines continues to conduct a thorough investigation into how Jack escaped and to determine how we can learn from it.  We understand that a cat is a loved family member for so many, including many of our own employees, and we are doing our utmost to find Jack.”

Mary Beth reports two Jack sightings, but we don’t know whether they are considered credible.  The Port Authority is also helping the effort, with traps that are set up at feeding stations.

For now, the family searches, keeps Jack in the news, and awaits his hoped-for return.

3 thoughts on “Jack The Cat Missing From JFK: Karen Pascoe Speaks On Video, And Updates”

  1. they need to call Ace Ventura Pet detective!!! someone let that cat out is all. why dont they just admit it and find him. and if they wouldnt let her see the film of that time when he escaped it is because someone let him out. isnt that clear? took me a month to find my Maggie and she weighed like 15 pounds when she went missing and I found her exactly one month later and she weighed 6 she looked like a real cat. but man was she hungry… I even walked into a nest of fire ants to grab her when I finally found her. still have the scars on my legs! ouch. but I didnt care, I had finally found my Mags after one month of looking…..she should hang in there she will find him and she should be looking for him he knows her and her voice….

  2. I worked for American Airlines nearly 30 years. Psgr, Svc. A cat got loose, same scenario. This airline (management) could care less. They were being bombarded by owner to find her cat.. Management offered $10,000 reward. My neighbor and friend (an animal lover) offered to find the cat, but said because cats sleep during the day, and come out at night that’s when he would look. Management said OK. He searched every inch (meanwhile owner in California was on their case…American was DESPERATE to find this cat)…my friend found the cat at 5 AM, in a construciton trailer, right next to baggage service. When it came time to paying the “reward”, they reneged…”he was not an ’employee'”. They had the audacity to put out a monthly Newsletter saying someone from Facilities Maintenance found the cat. Lies. This animal is still in the area of baggage service… how do I know? based on past experiences with cats. They don’t run like dogs. They hide. I want to help, but contacts with the “wet behind the ears” “Detective” dismisses me. I could be of so much help. Message left with a MaryBeth (allegedly Karen, owner’s sister) have not been returned. So sad.

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