Jack is Back: Cat Returns Home 78 Days After Alabama Tornadoes

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Jack is the third missing Alabama tornado cat to return home in recent days. We don’t know if you’re getting tired of these stories, but we’re not. Each return is a triumph, and a return to safety, comfort and happiness for a little being; and a beloved family member found amid great loss.

Jack was inside his family’s home, seemingly safe, on April 27th of this year when a string of deadly and destructive tornadoes swept through the state of Alabama. The home was completely destroyed, though, to the extent that none of the furniture was found afterward. The family lost everything, and their three cats, Jack, Kitty Kat and Blackie were all missing after the event, and presumed not to have lived.

We’re not sure whether it was, generally, for any neighborhood cats or specifically for Jack and his siblings, but Moore AL animal lover Joni Crowe set up a feeding station across the street from where Jack’s home once stood.

Seventy eight days after the tornado, on July 14, Joni got the happy surprise of finding Jack standing on his concrete driveway waiting for the food and water to be replenished.

In Joni’s own words, “I had never even met Jack and he ran to me and started purring and meowing.  After a good meal, we called [the family] with the good news.”

First on the agenda for Jack was a trip to the vet for a checkup. Meanwhile, the family’s son Jimmy knew about Jack but kept his return a secret from his Dad.  Jimmy picked Jack up from the vet’s, then brought him to the family’s new home and set him down near where Dad was sitting reading the newspaper.

According to Joni, Jack walked right over and jumped into Dad’s lap, at which point Dad cried with the excitement, the joy and the relief of having Jack back with the family.

Kitty Kat returned about a month earlier, but Blackie is still missing, and the family asks for good thoughts and prayers that she may return one day, too.

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  1. What a wonderful story, just shows you shouldn’t give up hope if your kitty decides to go somewhere! Personally I’m having jitters if mine don’t come after one shout! lol

  2. NEVER get tired of these stories~! To be perfectly honest these stories are what has kept me from un-liking your page when I read the stories of abuse……… Seriously……… LOVE THIS~! God bless Jack……. :*)

  3. It gives hope to everyone to never give up. What a great story. Lucky guy 🙂 One of the most induvidual charakters – cat`s 😉

  4. Never give up! Just two weeks ago, my cat Smokey returned almost 6 weeks later after escaping from our home in the night. I read all the cat profiling, pet detective, and animal behavorist sites I could find, but it was faith and prayer that ultimately brought him home!

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