It’s The Little Things: Bow’s Journey From Stray Cat to Happy Housecat

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Bow is a little former stray cat who became famous  after being shot by an arrow and gaining a wide circle of supporters.  In this installment from his journey we learn that it’s the little warm and homely things that mark the steps toward making a lonely little stray a happy domesticated cat.

As many readers know, Bow was a Grand Rapids MI stray who received excellent care and lots of support after the brutal incident that turned him from a little fellow known only to those neighborhood residents who fed and had a kind word for him to an intensely well cared for object of love and concern from all over.

His life on the streets left him a thin carrier of several health conditions common to cats who must fend for themselves, so his healing process included treatment for those matters along with recovery from his wounds.

Now Bow has left the hospital and gone home with Amy Velthouse , a vet tech from the hospital who has been there for Bow since he first was brought in.  Amy is also a volunteer with Carol’s Ferals, the rescue organization that took responsibility for Bow shortly after he was found with the arrow sticking through him.

Amy is fostering; providing care and  teaching Bow how to live in a house. She is cultivating him to feel and show happiness and contentment and the normal behaviors and reactions we take for granted in our cats.

Bow’s milestones are the simple things and the little things, but they have great meaning as he becomes transformed.

Here is a series of brief reports and videos that show his progress in the short time he has been staying with Amy:

May 30.

Bow was just discharged from the Animal Hospital of Lowell. He is on his way to Amy’s house to foster while he recovers.  He will be receiving his medication for the Toxoplasmosis and Coccidiosis.  Bow will come back in 2 weeks to have titers rechecked for Toxoplasmosis and have another fecal to check for intestinal parasites.   He is eating and acting very well.  His stool somedays is soft and some days  normal, so it appears he is still fighting the parasites.

Amy has a large room that he will have the run of, and she tells me it has windows over looking a lake.  I  know he will like that, as he loved looking out the window here.~Bruce Langlois DVM

May 30.

Bow’s first day in foster care. Yes he is in a cage, but only because he wants to be there. The door is open and he cal leave whenever he wants to. He feels safe here for now.

Tuesday, 5/31This morning Bow was hiding in a different spot on the other side of the room from his cage. This is a good sign that he is becoming more comfortable. He is going to need lots of socialization, but I am hopeful. He is not feral, just scared.

May 31.

Bow has started eating at his foster home, another good sign 🙂

June 3.

Today I offered Bow some cat nip. So far he is ignoring it… I know he has been roaming in here when I am not in here with him. He knocked some things over last night. He also let me hold him in a blanket for a couple minutes and ate in front of me today

June 5.

Bow has used the litterbox at his foster home! YAY!!! Another step in the right direction!

June 5.

Bow is also eating dry food at his foster home 🙂 AND he closed his eyes while I was petting him today!

June 6.

Bow LOVES to be brushed! He started Kneading!!!!

June 7.

A post from Carol’s Ferals.

We are super happy to report that Bow is doing great in his foster home.  His foster, Amy, says that he loves to be brushed and will eventually start “kneading” when she does it.   He’s still a bit shy, but he’s coming around.  He’s eating just fine and using his litter pan like a champ.

He’s still on a few meds for the toxoplasmosis and parasites, but otherwise we think he is going to come out of this ok – truly amazing when you consider what he has been through and the obstacles he has faced.  We can’t wait for the day when he can move on to greener pastures and live out the rest of his life like the special boy he is.

Video of Bow being brushed. It’s not the best quality and not much happens. It does show the little cat enjoying something most cats love but which is a new experience for him.

June 9.

Justice for Bow and Carol’s Ferals publish a series of letters to Bow from 3rd grade schoolchildren at Caesar Chavez Elementary School.

Teacher Mary Mast writes

The message was easy……. they learned that no matter the age or the circumstances, everyone has the capabilities to make a difference. Though they have little themselves, every nickle, dime, and quarter was given without hesitation, and with an abundance of love. Their letters to Bow were written with compassion, integrity, and and an even stronger need to right an injustice.

So, 7 to 8 years into his life Bow is learning the simple things and finding comfort and happiness. We hope some day to report that he is fully socialized and going to a forever home.

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  1. Love to you all from Ai Kansha cat sanctuary in Co. Limerick, Ireland, Miracles happen, are possible. So glad you documented this and blessings of love and light to all who knew him and will.

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