Is Teddy Bear the Maine Coon Cat the Essex Lion?

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By Karen Harrison Binette

Teddy Bear the Maine Coon Cat who may be the real Essex Lion

A reported big cat sighting in St Osyth Essex, UK on Sunday triggered an hours long search that involved armed police officers, Colchester Zoo personnel with tranquilizer guns and police helicopters with heat seeking equipment. Officers were skeptical at first when they were contacted by Denise and Bob Martin, who were visiting the area on holiday. When others confirmed that they had also seen a lion the search was on. Sue and David Wright also saw the animal, and Sue took the somewhat indistinct photo of it that has been used in reports on the story.

Authorities today indicated that they do not feel there’s a lion on the loose, and say the animal was likely a domestic cat or a wildcat.

Local resident Ginny Murphy, who was away from home in Liverpool and saw a story on the lion search on TV, is certain that the cat is question is her domestic Maine Coon Cat Teddy Bear. Unquestionably, the cat in the fuzzy photo looks a lot like Teddy.

The Essex Lion story, as you may have seen today, got a lot of mileage as fodder for humor at Twitter and elsewhere.



Video on the search being called off.

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