Is Catnip Catnip to Big Cats?

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Who better to sort out as to whether big cats, like lions, tigers, and leopards, among others, have the same response as our domestic felines do to catnip than Big Cat Rescue.  The organization had the same question and placed a paper bag filled with catnip into the various enclosures to wait for the answer.

As it turned out, a majority of the big cats found catnip to be a great treat, demonstrating the same kitten-like behavior so many of us enjoy seeing in our own cats. However, there were some concerns…

It appeared as though there were some naysayers who felt Big Cat Rescue did not proceed in scientific fashion and, therefore, their results did not prove credible. So, taking up the challenge, they created some controls and redid the experiment with many of the same results.

Any way you look at it, (scientifically or not) these cats, it seems, are having a really good time.


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